Smadar started her professional career as a graphic designer and book illustrator. She has been painting for over 30 years, utilizing a large variety of techniques including oil, watercolor, pastel and drawing.

Her favourite subjects are portraits and countrysides. She enjoys painting live models and painting en plain air.

Smadar has been giving numerous demonstrations of Alla Prima model painting, an expertise of hers, to artists and students. She also specializes in commissioned traditional portraits.

Born and raised in the village of Nahalal in Northern Israel, Smadar is Fourth generation to a family of farmers. She is married and has three grownup children.



A leader amongst the professional figurative painters in Israel, Smadar is highly proactive in promoting the improvement of professional painting quality in Israel. She lectures regularly on creativity and art, and the way creativity affects everyday life.

Smadar published several essays on figurative versus conceptual art. As of 2007 Smadar has been leading an online forum – The Painters’ Forum – in which she advises painters on painting techniques and answers art ethics questions.


Smadar Painting Center: Smadar’s Art School

Publications & Press

2003 – on figure painting (channel 2 Isreal, Yossi Sias)
2006 – on the place of figurative artists in the local art scene (channel 33, Kafé Tarbut, Noam Semel)
2006 – on figure painting (Cable TV, ego)
2008 – as portrait painter on series about celebrities’ portraiture (channel 1, Diokan, Eldad Ziv)
2012 – Detroit Jewish Cultural Center, USA; Israeli landscapes, oil and watercolor.
2013 – leading figurative art in Israel as painter and instructor (channel 2, Yetzira Mekomit, Tal Mann)

Solo Exhibitions

1993 – Jezreel’s Valley Gallery, Israel; New-York portraits countryside & village characters in oil, watercolor and drawing.
1994 – Jezreel’s Valley Gallery, Israel; Greek Island landscapes, oil and watercolor.
1996 – Kfar-Tavor Museum, Mt. Tabor, Israel; Israeli landscapes, oil.
1997 – Kfar-Saba, Heichal Hatarbut, Israel; Belgium landscapes (Les Ardennes), Israeli Portraits, oil.
1998 – Detroit Jewish Cultural Center, USA; Israeli landscapes, oil and watercolor.
1998 – Ramat-Hagolan Cultural Center Gallery, Israel; Israeli landscapes in watercolor.
1999 – Music & Dance Center, Emek Yizreel – figures and dancers, watercolor, pastel, drawing.
2000 – Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv; portraits & figures in oil and watercolor.
2000 – Beit-Gabriel Gallery, Kinnereth; Kung-Fu worriors; ladies’ portraits, oil.
2002 – Smadar Painting Center Gallery, Tel Aviv; Kung-Fu worriors; Candle-Light ladies, oil.
2002 – Exhibiting monumental commissioned family portrait (of 13 persons), the stages of work.
2004 – Fresco Gallery, Tel-Aviv; “figure & Erotica”, Portraits and figures, oil.
2006 – Smadar Painting Center gallery, Ramat-Gan; Israeli landscapes, French countrysides (Les Cevennes), oil and watercolor.
2010 – Smadar Painting Center Gallery, Ramat- Gan; “Sky and Land and Road”, Countryside & nature, oil and watercolor.
2013 – International group exhibition of Contemporary Erotic Art – Place Suisse des Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland.


– Graphic Arts and Illustration, Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa.

– History of Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

– Painting, School of Visual Arts, New York (among others, under Mr. Irwin Greenberg).

– Painting, University of Wales (under Mr. M. Griffith).